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28 July 2008 @ 02:52 pm
ooc // character information  

Name; Skylar Mahoney
Age; 17
Played By; Mandy Musgrave
Fandom; N/A

Personality; Skylar is mostly laid back, she doesn't take anything all too seriously. She lives her life one day at a time, not usually planning things too far in advance. Though at times she can be quiet, she's certainly not shy, just like she's not afraid to speak her mind. If there is something she doesn't like she will tell you with no issues.

Her nature to tell people a piece of her mind, could perhaps make her seem as rude at times. Though overall she is a nice person, fairly easy to get along with, despite her occasionally opinionated nature.

Skylar isn't afraid to perform on stage and never has been. She enjoys singing, though she doesn't often bother with things like musicals. She prefers performing in a normal setting, not in a play. Though she has considered it, just for the love of performing. Not that she really wants to deal with competing with Sharpay Evans of all people.

History; Skylar spent the first 15 years of life in Los Angeles, her life was nothing special, just that of any other ordinary girl her age. She maintained okay grades, spent more time with friends than usually caring about school. Occasionally she would spend time off in her room during these years, playing the guitar writing random lyrics. None of which she usually completed.

During the summer after she had turned 15, her father had received a promotion. Though this also meant moving, as the job was elsewhere. Skylar certainly wasn't pleased about it, but still she accepted it as she was happy for him. So she found herself at East High, where she mostly kept to herself the first year of being there. Though for a brief moment she had considered the drama club. However after meeting Sharpay briefly, it was enough to change her mind. She decided it just wasn't worth that.

She had only looked into it as a distraction as problems began to build at home, leading ultimately to her parents divorce. Though she remained when her Mom left, not wishing to transfer schools yet again. While at times she felt a bit out of place in East High, she didn't want to leave. She had grown accustomed to it perhaps.

Her following years at East High were that of any typical student. Once again maintaining just average grades. Going day by day, living life one day at time like she loved to do. Never taking anything too seriously and just attempting to enjoy life.

Name; Megan
Age; 22
Journal; balthierashe
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